Instructions to Install Kodi Addon Repositories From Zip File

Kodi is extremely sensible. Most procedures simply “bode well” and take after a reasonable line of succession.

I will clarify this procedure utilizing an illustration, which is the XBMC Catchup TV AU store compress document, yet the procedure is precisely the same for whatever other compress add-on.

KOdi App

Useful Steps for Kodi Download


Download the compress archive document to your PC


Exchange the archive document from your PC to your media focus running Kodi.

To do this, you have to discover what’s the IP address of your media focus. To discover it go to: System – > System Info. In the event that there is nothing there, your media focus is not associated with your home system.

The most effortless way you can duplicate the storehouse compress record to your media focus is through a samba share. You can likewise duplicate it utilizing scp.

On the off chance that you need to duplicate the document through a samba share, you need to ensure the samba administration is empowered in your media focus. There are diverse methods for doing that, contingent upon which media focus programming you’re utilizing. The most widely recognized ones are OpenElec, OSMC and Xbian

For OSMC on Kodi

In the event that Samba is empowered in OSMC, you can associate with the samba share (username:osmc, password:osmc).

In Windows, go to guide organize drive and sort in: \\IP_Address_Of_Media_Centre\osmc

In Mac go to discoverer and afterward interface with server smb://IP_Address_Of_Media_Centre/osmc

For OpenElec

As a matter of course the samba partakes in OpenElec don’t have a username or watchword. You can check how to get to samba partakes in OpenElec from their wiki:

For XBian


On the off chance that samba is empowered you can interface with the samba share (username: xbian, secret word: raspberry).

In Windows, go to guide arrange drive and sort in: \\IP_Address_Of_Pi\xbian

In Mac go to discoverer and after that associate with server which tells kodi for windows smb://IP_Address_Of_Pi/xbian

On the other hand, you can download the compress record in a SSH session straight into the media focus as clarified in the instructional exercise Installing Catchup TV Au Repository


Once the vault compress record is in the media focus home organizer, in Kodi go to System – > Settings – > Add-ons and tap on Install from compress document


Client the up/down bolts to choose to Home envelope and hit enter/return


Utilize the up/down bolts to choose the vault you need to introduce (something like then utilize the correct bolt to highlight OK and press enter/return

That is it, the vault is introduced. The accompanying pictures outline this procedure:


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